How to score

Registered users get points while using Memedroid. There are many ways to earn points, like rating pictures or unlocking achievements. Most of them are described below:

Action Points
View a picture (mobile apps) +1
Rate a picture +2
Comment a picture* +10
Rate a comment +10
Share memedroid (mobile apps) +5
Share a picture +3
Download a picture (mobile apps) +2
Upload a picture +5
Get a picture published** +15
Moderate a picture** +1
Get high scores on your uploaded pictures**** +1
Each consecutive day of use** +10

* You will only win points by commenting pictures if your comments receive positive votes. Negative votes may make you lose points.

There is a maximum number of points to be won with each action, and some of them are limited per day or week.

PRO users will receive some extra points for purchasing the Pro version of the Android app.

Descriptions above are approximate and final user score may also depend on additional values. Memedroid developers reserve the rights to change them at any time without prior notice. Users trying to illegally alter their stats will be banned

** Moderate a picture: Your punctuation will be increased/decreased according to how similar your criteria is related to the rest of moderators and Memedroid staff members. Random moderating could affect your punctuation negatively.

*** Your published pictures: Your score will depend on the ratings received from Memedroid users. Those memes considered inappropriate or violating the TOS will be deleted. Uploaders who repeatedly upload content against Memedroid rules will be banned.